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[welp. tagged again! not that i mind, they're so fun, hee~ b.c. i'd like to do it too (b.c. why not?), my answers will be in these rather... subpar-looking square brackets. tagged by :iconskulls887:!]

1. what would you do if insanity wolf visited your house?
I've not heard of this supposedly insane wolf, but I don't think it would be visiting my house for very long.
[welp, should have written a will.]

2.  roleplay? because I have a roleplay room in chatzy

Roleplay? Isn't that used in more... Ah, never mind...
[would love to, but i'm a touch too busy for now..]
3.   have you tried chocolate covered bacon or chips?

Wh-no! That sounds.. Horrifying...
[nope! had chicken with chocolate sauce though, as a main course. the chicken tasted nice, the sauce on the other hand...]
4. what language do you want to learn?

I'd... Ah, this is embarrassing... but that gibberish that babies speak. I only want to be able to understand what they're saying, though...
[japanese all the way! i want to be able to understand what they're saying in anime without having to watch it ;;]

5. do you like horror movies and creepypasta?

Endless hours wasted...
[not.. really ;;' i'm a big baby when it comes to watching horrors. reading on the other hand is perfectly fine!]
6. are you a chocoholic? I am XD
Aha, I may be..
[used to be! i'm all over white bread right now, for some reason]

7.  where would you like to travel?

Perhaps to another galaxy? I can hone my fighting skills even further.
[welp... following my answer to learning another language, i might want to visit japan xD but tbh, i'm happy to visit almost any country]
8.  how much forms of art do you want to try?

I'd like to do better in playing instruments... The best I can do is with the flute and that's... *shudder*
[i really want to try coffee art and stuff like flower arranging. it would be really cute if i could have stars dangling from flowers omg..]
9.  are you more active at night or day?

Afternoon; if not, day.
[... like many others, i think xD night time!]
10.  do you get crazy dream? I do LOL

Yes, sometimes they feel a bit too real...
[if i remember them! the last dream i had was having robots in aprons serve me tea while speaking in a language i had to ask to get translated!]
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Galacta Knight
Previously sealed for 'fear my power was too great', I get my... lance handed back to me by Meta Knight, and later on Kirby.

I currently reside in Popstar, nearby Dreamland where the True Arena is held. It is there that I have met a number of others, such as Sailor Waddle Dee and Dedede. I'll admit that they are quite unique.

[First up - this is when I'm talking as myself and not as a bunch of pixels that suddenly has internet access! You must have figured that out though, haha. Anyways, as Galacta Knight doesn't really.. Have an established personality (or gender... I think. I'm not too sure about Galacta Knight's description in Return to Dreamland in Japanese) and a reeeaaaaally vague backstory, so this is pretty much based around headcannon. If you don't like headcannon, please, turn now before it's too late! Oh, and on another note... His mask is stupidly hard to draw from the side. Thanks for reading! c:]

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Doroach Apr 5, 2014  New member
Galacta Knight. I have a question. If you escaped at the end of Meta Knightmare and exploded. How did you return in Return to Dreamland.
galacticknight13 Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a couple more questions! ^^

1.) Does your lance have a specific name (like Meta Knight's sword is Galaxia)?
2.) Do you watch YouTube, and if so, who are your favorite celebrities on there?

Thank you so very much for your time! ^^
AthenaNightmare Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
(How do you take the questions straight from the comment section? Anyways, loving this Ask account.)
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